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Some day I will make a post that has something to do with something that aren't Home Depot 'verse. Tonight is not that night.

[personal profile] circa_eve came away from the fics feeling really really bad for Chris. And let's be honest, the entire Home Depot 'verse was basically an exercise in making Chris suffer in increasingly horrible ways with seemingly little promise of even getting into ZQ's yoga pants at the end. So...

[personal profile] circa_eve: MAYBE someone needs to write a little something extra from ZQs perspective. Some people might be interested in reading it. That's all I'm saying.
[personal profile] merelyn: YOU write it. Join the circle of shame. And you have to post it yourself because you have no one to blame but you.
[personal profile] circa_eve: NO.

(No Less Than Six Hours Later)

[personal profile] circa_eve: There! Done. Happy!?

So without futher ado, I bring you:

Home Depot: ZQ to the Future by [personal profile] circa_eve (Zach/Kate Pine/Evil and what we've run of out of movie sequel titles to riff on by this point geez WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME.)

On another note, [profile] reel_merlin is coming up soon! Get excited!
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Just FYI the Home Depot cycle of SHAME is now complete:

Home Depot III by [personal profile] twentysomething (Chris/Zach/Outdoor Fireplace, PG) over on Pru's DW.

Now maybe we can make [personal profile] circa_eve write something from ZQ's POV.
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So I think this is actually going to have its own tag now that there are three stories.

First [personal profile] rageprufrock wrote Home Depot and [personal profile] leupagus posted it.

Then [personal profile] leupagus wrote Home Depot: The Outtakes and I posted it.

Then (wait for it, you can probably see where this is going) I wrote Home Depot 2: Electric Boogaloo and [personal profile] twentysomething posted it.

So yes. This is the first thing I've written in years, and it's an RPS Pinto-y fic sequel about a Home Depot where Chris is totally a lesbian and Zach has a thing for water landscaping. My life took a tragic turn somewhere.

So go read and then go over to [personal profile] twentysomething's and bother her about the next part of this debacle that is inevitably hers.
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Lots of reccing this morning!

*I started my month driving the [community profile] crack_van for Merlin. My first rec is here if you want to take a peek. I kicked things off with [profile] dsudis's Millions of Peaches, which is worth a look (or another look if you've already read and enjoyed) for sure. :)

*ALSO [personal profile] leupagus posted ANOTHER CHAPTER OF THE VULCAN DETECTIVE FIC, which is still rich and compelling and awesome, even though the ending of this chapter will justifiably make you hate her for leaving it there.

*Lastly, [personal profile] twentysomething has posted the most amazing piece of ridiculous brilliance I have read in an AGE. It's a Merlin/Harry Potter fusion fic. And Merlin is like some unholy cross between Neville Longbottom and Bridget Jones. But it's awesome. I'm cackling to myself even as I'm writing this. Ahaha. GO NOW.

Merlin Emyrs and the Totally Gay Triwizard Tournament by [personal profile] twentysomething (Merlin/Arthur, other background pairings, PG-13ish)

He takes a moment to wonder how his life came to this pass, and he can pretty much nail it down to when he turned eleven years old and came downstairs to find Gaius having tea with his mother.

"You're a wizard, Merlin," Gaius had said.

Merlin thinks he was pretty much buggered from that point on, because all he had thought in that instant between "Well, that explains a lot," and his mother hugging him, was "I am going to get made fun of so much at wizard school."

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Title: Homoe Depot: The Outtakes

Author: [personal profile] leupagus

Pairing: Chris Pine/paint cans, OFC-that's-suspiciously-like-[personal profile] rageprufrock/WHORETEARS

Summary: It's an outtake from THIS PIECE OF BUSINESS. Like the stuff that was too shameful for the first story. Think about that.

Warnings: This was written by [personal profile] leupagus, I take no actual responsibility.

Notes: All you need to know is that Chris Pine a lesbian and is building Zach a gazebo.

Other notes: Following the grand tradition of denial and pointing fingers, [personal profile] leupagus wants me to post this rather than her, because it's a rule now. Plus I kind of asked for this.

If you're allergic to self-indulgence, take your shots before clicking. )
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Soooo. Torchwood. Finally go to see it this weekend. Beware of falling spoilers behind the cut tags.

Spoilery Reaction is Spoilery )

Also, in terms of meta, I don't know if any of you go on, but they have a really good article up about where Torchwood can go from here.

My spoilery thoughts, let me show you them. )

Lastly, the open spoiler thread on io9 also inspired the following conversation between myself and [personal profile] circa_eve:

The post-CoE fic we *really* want to read, OMG. Still spoilery and edited for grammar and capitalization 'cause I couldn't help myself. )

AMIRITE? Come on fandom, don't fail me now.
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So....long time no post, eh flist? I haven't had too much fandom energy lately, but I heart you all and I'm trying to delurk a bit.

Basically, it's been an awful long time since I wasn't in a big active fandom. Apparently, when this happens, I just start reading and watching INCREDIBLY RANDOM CRAP FROM SHOWS I DON'T WATCH AND FANDOMS I'M NOT IN. CONSIDER THIS THE FIRST RANDOM POST OF MANY:

I watched Ten Inch Hero. Not. Entirely. Sure. Why. )

Still, as [personal profile] circa_eve points out, "And it's still better than Christmas Cottage!"

(Also, I heart Danneel.)
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I'm back in New York! *clutches city to her bosom*

And tired! *wishes I could make like my icon and do that in my cubicle right now*

I'll make a proper post later with pictures and recounting and whatnot after I get them uploaded from my camera and unwind/catch up a bit- I'm at skip?=160 on the flist o.O

Short version: it was an awesome trip. Of my two days in London, I spent one sightseeing (with [ profile] j_apollo, who is lovely and didn't mind all the walking too much), and one hanging out with various lj people. UK fangirls know how to drink, btw.

I ALSO GOT A DREAMWIDTH ACCOUNT! (Same name as here.) I haven't done much with it yet and I'm still waiting to see how the cross-posting/potential fandom migration will go (fansheep says BAAA), but yay! If you're over there too let me know!


Apr. 20th, 2009 12:01 am
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First post from Heathrow airport, as my tendency to arrive super early in the midst of uncertain situations means I'm here 2 hours early.

Just poking around, testing stuff, and clearing this little corner of internet space for myself. *pokes around*

On a side note, it's amazing that I'm not more hungover consider the amount of wine I consumed last night. UK fangirls know how to drink.
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Drive by post to say that my trip to Paris has been lovely so far. And busy. And has, as you can probably surmise from the title to this entry, included lots and lots of walking. [ profile] sovietkitsch has taken many pictures of me making dumb faces in front of famous landmarks. Apparently I am incapable of standing still and smiling like a normal person. (I'll probably post pictures later if y'all want to see.)


[ profile] j_apollo and I are are going around on Friday and seeing tons of stuff and then going to see THIS SHOW HOLY CRAP I AM JEALOUS OF MYSELF EVEN.

I'll be meeting [ profile] neptuneskisses Saturday morning and then later is the Extra Merlin Meetup. I will be there! In fact I will probably be setting up! So if you're gonna be there let me know! I'll be the awkward American in the black coat with buttons! (Yes, it has been pointed out to me that this description is not so...descriptive, shall we say.) And if you're not going to meetup and you live nearby and you want to hang out let me know too!

Anyway: YAY. Paris is awesome! London will be awesome! Go life! And everyone is apparently going over to Dreamwidth!
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I made it to Paris! And I managed to find [ profile] sovietkitsch and not get lost! And I don't know how much I'll be updating this week (and how is that different from any other recent week, you might ask) but I thought you should all know that I keep wanting to say "Je suis LOSER" to everyone but it would make even less sense over here. Still: yay!

Also, I will be in London in a week! (Sekrit message to [ profile] j_apollo: I swear I'm going to email you about planning! Sorry I've failed at that lately!! *headdesk*)
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I'm not even really in SPN fandom ([ profile] circa_eve is, but has only succeeded in making me watch a few episodes and maybe read some J2 AUs), and I haven't seen tonight's ep, but can someone please explain to me what the hell happened on the show that made my flist explode all over itself in a fascinating but so freaking vague way? Seriously, I don't even mind spoilers.


ETA: Spoilers in the comments, obviously.
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SO. I was too exhausted to post anything yesterday after I got home. But:


[ profile] solar_cat is awesome for organizing the con and not going completely crazy and for just being an adorable ball of fangirl glee.

[ profile] ras_elased and [ profile] mirimeneume are both awesome for being great roomies, i.e. the kind who don't snore and/or kick me in their sleep. (I'M A LIGHT SLEEPER PEOPLE THIS IS IMPORTANT.) Seriously though, ignore my self-involved blathering- it was lovely to meet both of you! <3

[ profile] ras_elased also made paper dolls. Paper Dolls FTW!

[ profile] mariamme is awesome even though she wasn't there. <3

[ profile] thisissirius is awesome even though she wasn't there because she sent us a con book.

[ profile] libitina is awesome for getting there before me so I didn't have to awkwardly hang in the lobby by myself on Friday, and for taking me to an awesome Tapas restaurant. Also, can we nominate her for Fangirl Sainthood for cleaning up the con suite on Sunday?

[ profile] ocelotspots is awesome for being a fast walker who walks fast like me. :)

Fangirls are awesome for making out.

[ profile] ink_n_imp is awesome for reading porn.

[ profile] puckling is awesome for reading porn while sober. (How do you do that?) Also, I feel like she would have been good to have around if we had been busted by security.

Speaking of which, the security staff of the Courtyard Marriott are awesome for not kicking us out onto the streets of Philly. But honestly they also fail at their jobs for lo we were loud and obnoxious.

[ profile] cherrybina is awesome for being a doll and the alcohol fairy and having a king-sized bed in her hotel room.

[ profile] leupagus and [ profile] rageprufrock are awesome for many things, the least of which is living in New York and giving me a ride home.

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I've been so AWOL from LJ lately (sorrysorrysorry), but I'm just drive-by posting to say that:


So excited to meet everyone who's going!! Yay! And I already have the important stuff packed (read: bottles of wine).
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1. [ profile] reel_merlin is finished! THE MASTER POST IS HERE. We ended up with 2 pieces of art and 19 fics and even though RL has kept me from reading a lot of them, everything looks great and I AM GOING TO CATCH UP THIS WEEKEND I SWEAR. (Also, I still can't believe I modded a fic challenge comm. :)

2. For the SGA fen on my flist who haven't seen it yet, [ profile] sheafrotherdon is having a John Sheppard love post. Just look at his sad wibbly face in my icon if you don't go and check it out! OH JOHN. YOU ARE MY FAVORITE FOREVER.

3. I got sleep last night! And work should be fairly light today and tomorrow, yay.
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Dear Self,

Eating your breakfast while getting ready for work is, in theory, not a bad idea. In the future, though, please remember to draw the line at showering while eating toast. It doesn't matter how exhausted/hungover/starving/late-for-work you are, it will not save you any time in your morning routine. Trust me on this one.

WTF, why are there breadcrumbs in the shower drain,

So. How was everyone's St. Patty's?

(Mine was totally worth it. :)
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Really, SciFi SyFy Channel? REALLY?

Only celebrities and yuppies are allowed to name their children with too many ys (see: Alysyn, etc., etc.). It doesn't work so well TELEVISION NETWORKS.
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Best. Cameo. Ever.

*giggling and clapping like a SEAL*
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*I saw Watchmen and it was pretty solid. It was also not the best thing that happened to me on Friday. :)

*It was actually nice out! Spring. Hi. HI.

*Sprinting like a mother at the end of a run is fun, will amusingly startle the people you blow by on the street, but it will also make your legs hate (HATE) you the next day. (Seriously, though: fun! I had no idea I could even run that fast. Yay for surprising oneself. :)

*I totally failed at doing anything lj related. I barely managed to beta the stuff I said I would beta/look over (sorry [ profile] j_apollo and [ profile] mariamme, I suck, etc. etc.)

* The only fic I've managed to read (sorry sorry sorry, [ profile] reel_merlin! There is so much awesome fic there and I haven't had time to keep up with any of it! Bad Mod! D:) is [ profile] cesperanza's latest, which is one of those given things that doesn't need a rec, but if you like The Time Traveler's Wife or Quantum Leap or John/Rodney or SGA or well-written sci-fi romance or OTP boys or any combination of the above you should go check it out if you haven't already and marvel how it takes 5 dimensions to explain John Sheppard.

*I'm going on a offsite class thingy in Pennsylvania tomorrow and Wednesday and then [ profile] lillianloop is coming to visit for the weekend (!!!11!!1!) and we're going to Altantic City on Saturday so it's possible the Livejournal Fail will continue. D:


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