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Yeah, so that New Year's Eve party that [personal profile] leupagus and I were going to host? It's not going to happen, between the snow and travel shenanigans suffered on both our parts and also the fact that New York City is ridiculous enough on NYE when the streets haven't been massively slushied like a character on Glee (flavor: dirt and pee).

Sorry to cancel, but I'm sure we can goad [personal profile] leupagus into arranging a proper fangirl meetup at a bar sometime in January on a less crazy day when more people are free and whatnot.

...And now I'm off to read that Sandlot slash fic from Yuletide that will most likely break my childhood in half with a hammer of gay. Hope you all are safe and well and not trapped in an airport. ♥
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So, as you might already know, there is going to be a fangirl meetup/shindig/hootenany/hoedown this Saturday in NYC to celebrate [personal profile] cherrybina coming to visit.

Details are this-a-way over at [personal profile] leupagus's journal, but these are the pertinent facts:

We are meeting at 8 pm on Saturday, at the House of Brews at 302 West 51st Street, just west of 8th Avenue. We're going to be upstairs at the long table (also known as the nook) and we will be the ones talking REALLY LOUDLY about rimming. Or docking. Or jizz. SOMETHING TERRIBLE, basically.

If you're in the area, you should come! Seriously, everyone is welcome- even if you've never met anyone, I promise we're as friendly as we are tragically jizz-focused. ([personal profile] blameitonmerlin is even coming from Boston and crashing on my couch!)


May. 3rd, 2010 03:55 pm
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+ Once again, apologies for not being around much, I am trying to do better and comment more, but I'm in like a quiet rut or something.

+ But in more exciting news, [profile] reel_merlin Round 3 is coming underway! We've already started getting some draft submissions, very exciting!

+ [profile] miripanda linked me this hilarious Pinto post on [community profile] ohnotheydidnt today, which was evidently picked up on Jezebel. Her only comment was, BTW Jezebel thinks you and your people are hilarious. (Your people i.e. those who want Zachary Quinto and Chris Pine to be gay together.)

It's like she knows me or has read my journal or that Home Depot fic or something. Weird.

+ Other things I've been up to include being able to claim a tiny bit of responsibility for some of [personal profile] twentysomething's latest Dean/Cas and Sam/Gabriel and Supernatural Apocalypse-of-Awesome and Deanna/Cas fics. Because I am an enabler, it's what I do, and [personal profile] twentysomething is like Pez Dispenser of hilarious and adorable SPN fic. You should all go read them if you're into SPN.

+ Lastly, as a gift (punishment?) to make up for my doubtlessly wrenching absence, have a fic snippet that is all [personal profile] leupagus's fault, because she's writing a Trek AU where they're all heisting criminal masterminds and she all but dared me to write a Trek/Ocean's 11 AU:

I am really, really weak to dares. So is Jim Kirk, I suspect. )
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Title: Homoe Depot: The Outtakes

Author: [personal profile] leupagus

Pairing: Chris Pine/paint cans, OFC-that's-suspiciously-like-[personal profile] rageprufrock/WHORETEARS

Summary: It's an outtake from THIS PIECE OF BUSINESS. Like the stuff that was too shameful for the first story. Think about that.

Warnings: This was written by [personal profile] leupagus, I take no actual responsibility.

Notes: All you need to know is that Chris Pine a lesbian and is building Zach a gazebo.

Other notes: Following the grand tradition of denial and pointing fingers, [personal profile] leupagus wants me to post this rather than her, because it's a rule now. Plus I kind of asked for this.

If you're allergic to self-indulgence, take your shots before clicking. )


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