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So [personal profile] twentysomething and I go pretty far back. (We are celebrating our six year friend-aversary this fall, so apparently that means you should send us candy and iron, okay! Okay.)

Anyway, I don't know how many of you guys know this, but I was in a sorority in college. My sorority was not exactly typical to the mental picture most people probably have in their heads. Yes, there were a lot of sundresses. And drama. And drinking. And boys, which was not exactly my bag. But my sorority also had a deep streak of nerdiness. For example, one of my sorority sisters and I co-founded our college's Harry Potter Club, which had sorting ceremonies and Quidditch games and at one point the highest active membership number of any extracurricular club on campus. (Booyah.)

Another example: my sorority twin (i.e. we were in the same sorority family) was the kind of girl who had every single season of all 5 incarnations of Star Trek on DVD. She was (and is) awesome.

And then she took a little.

Five guesses as to who her little was. That's right, [personal profile] twentysomething, aka Princess Kate, aka my terrible fannish soulmate and best bro forever.

But I didn't know it then. And at that point I'd never met anyone fannish IRL who I didn't know on the internet first. And I'm not going to say Kate read like a norm (if you've ever met her or heard her open her mouth you would be quickly disabused of that happy notion), but she wasn't going around with a sign that said I READ GAY PORN ON THE INTERNET IF YA KNOW WHAT I MEAN AND I THINK THAT YA DO either. And there was no secret fangirl handshake (AND WHY DOESN'T ONE EXIST AND NOT LIKE THIS OKAY SOMETHING SECRET), but occasionally there would be a few stray telling comments. And I would think,  " she?"

(Do you ever do that with people you meet IRL? You have your fangirl suspicions, but you don't know for sure! How do you ask them without seeming like at total weirdo if you're wrong? Why is their no fandom Ann Landers for these fraught situations? "You are of my people, aren't you?" you try to say with your eyes. But it comes off more like, "I have something in my eye or possibly I'm hitting on you. Heeeey.")

And so for a few months we circled each other, suspecting but not sure. But then, one night, we were driving somewhere with my twin//Kate's big, and I have no idea how we got on the subject of Pirates of Caribbean, but we did, and I think it was me, but I said something under my breath about "Sparrington." (Yeah, do you remember Jack/Norrington back in the day? Good times, y'all, good times.)

And it was one of those moments that happens a lot in sitcoms or farces, that dawning mutual realization moment, standing up and pointing dramatically:

Person 1:YOU!
Person 2:YOU!
Person 1, still stuck on it: NO, YOU!
(etc., repeat as necessary)

And the rest is terrible history. I did ultimately end up quitting my sorority, but I will never regret joining, and a big reason why is because I met Kate. &Kate;

So why am I telling you this story, you might be wondering? Right, this is my really long way of saying that [personal profile] twentysomething is awesome and wrote a girl!Brendon/girl!Spencer sorority AU and IT IS THE FIC OF MY HEART FOR SO MANY REASONS and except for the part where none of it is true, it really really is true, and if you're into that sort of thing YOU SHOULD GO READ IT RIGHT NOW.
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A few days ago, [personal profile] twentysomething went and posted some girl!Kevin/Mike fic of utter preciousness.

These Words About a Girl by [personal profile] twentysomething (Katie Jonas/Mike Carden)

It's girl!Skippy fic! Bweee! Like this: "It's more or less forgotten until the VMAs- when Bill- fucking Bill- appears at Mike's elbow and goes, "Michael, I've mentioned Demi to you before, haven't I? Oh, and this is her bosom companion, Miss Katherine Jonas."

And THEN she posted a girl!Brendon/girl!Spencer college AU that she claims is her id in fic, which, fair warning, her id and my id live in the same place. They're neighbors. Terrible roommates. Bad influences on each other. Something like that.

Can We Fast Forward by [personal profile] twentysomething (girl!Brendon/girl!Spencer)

I'm just going to say that Spencer is trudging her way through this terrible Life Drawing class and then one day Brendon shows up as the model and things go from there. Everything I love, nothing I hate.

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While I am thoroughly enjoying all the Arthur/Eames Inception fic that has exploded all over fandom lately (especially this story, have I ever mentioned I love heisting?) my favorite character from the movie is actually Robert Fischer. I thought Cillian Murphy was lovely, and Robert was pretty much the closest thing to a heart that incredibly slick film had. (I do not count Leonardo DiCaprio's manpain, sorry. :/)

And because I love Robert, I of course had to read this fic off the kink meme where he finds an abandoned kitten and that's all that happens but who fucking cares it's Robert Fischer and kittens.

AND THEN. Terrible twitter conversations happened, and because [personal profile] solarcat is amazing, SHE WROTE THIS:

The Strange and Unexpected Life of Robert Fischer, D.V.M. by [personal profile] solarcat (gen-ish, Robert/OFC/OMC, ROBERT IS A VET, Y'ALL)

It's actually my favorite lingering question from the end of Inception. What does Robert Fischer *do* with himself? [personal profile] solarcat's answer here is that he becomes a veterinarian. Naturally. And if you think that's a cracky premise, think again; [profile] solar_cat makes it work. Robert's transition unspools in such a lovely detail-rich and organic way, and with a really great feel for him as a character. And of course, by the end, Robert gets exactly what I want most for him: good things.

merelyn: (st trinian's)'s been a while. (As usual, you say?)

Lately I've been shifting a lot of my fannish attention away from my flist and towards gchat and my delicious network/subscriptions. (And while there's a whole bunch of meta to be written about the way in which delicious creates the possibility for finding fic without ever interacting with another person or community at all, and how tagging fic is becoming an automated way of reccing fic, and how this will change what Fandom as a Community will look like going forward, I am not the person to write it.)

Also, this is the first time in a while I've kind of been without a large fandom to be invested in, and I guess I feel more scattered than usual. Anyway, long story short: apologies for the continued MIA-ness. I have been reading fic and whatnot, random things- AS YOU WILL SEE BELOW- and I've been doing some delicious tagging if you're bored and want to check it out. It's here, mostly fan stuff and baking recipes.


Four FIVE Terrible Random Ass Things Mere Read On the Internet Yesterday (And Totally Liked FML)

1. Avatar: the Last Airbender porn- Dude, I said random. So I have only a vaaague idea about what this show is about- there's elemental magic and maybe freedom fighting and fire is bad and Hollywood is fucking racist and making the movie with a bunch of white people?- and I know even less about who anyone is. But dude, this fic was hot. And the set up and resolution of this story (angsty sex of feelings and betrayal and feelings!) goes whackamole on all of my buttons. The sad part is that this is may be the least embarrassing thing on this list.

2. That Sam/Dean/Lindsay Lohan fic called "Firecrotch"- Yeah, mull it. What is says on the tin.


[personal profile] merelyn: Also, today is a terrible day. I have already read Avatar the Last Air Bender fic, and I currently have a Sam/Dean/Lindsay Lohan fic open in a tab that I CANNOT LOOK AWAY FROM IT IS LIKE A CAR CRASH OF SLUTTINESS AND INCEST AND RPF FML.
[personal profile] circa_eve: Haha
I think I've read that one.
[personal profile] merelyn: HAHA
[personal profile] circa_eve: It is pretty amazing
[personal profile] merelyn: <3

3. The MOST AMAZING piece of House/Wilson art I have EVER SEEN- Okay so maybe I've never looked at any other House fanart before, but it still stands. Backstory is that this artist got a weirdly worded prompt for a exchange challenge. And apparently a wombat is some sort of euphemism for sex or something, IDK? (Really, Fandom?) I'd never heard of it before, and apparently neither had the artist, because LIKE A CHAMP S/HE RENDERED IT FAITHFULLY AS WRITTEN. I laughed so hard I cried, guys.

4. A J2/Little Mermaid fusion fic called "What's a Fire, and Why Does it Burn?"- This one I stumbled upon mostly for the benefit of [personal profile] twentysomething, whose ultimate dream in life is probably to be in a situation where she can legitimately yell, "BUT DADDY, I LOVE HIM!" And yet I stayed and read the whole thing. And I...I have no idea anymore if this story is even bad or good, guys. I DON'T EVEN CARE. But I will say that it does some interesting things narratively by putting the story in the Prince's POV instead of the Mermaid ("MerMAN, Dad. MerMAN.") because of course everyone has seen the Little Mermaid, right? There's a lot of delicious dramatic irony with Jensen trying to figure out what the deal is with the mute hottie in his castle while the audience of course already knows why Jared the Erstwhile MerMAN picked up his dinglehopper fork that way at the dinner table. (OMG I JUST WROTE THAT SENTENCE. LOOK AT IT. TERRIBLE. FANDOM YOU'RE RUINING MY LIFE.)

ETA THANKS TO [personal profile] leupagus WHO IS A TERRIBLE HUMAN BEING:

5. Uniporn that is like Lisa Frank meets NSFW- Again. [personal profile] leupagus is a terrible person, in case you didn't know:

[personal profile] leupagus: Someone linked this on my flist
Be warned
This is so completely terrible
[personal profile] merelyn: AHHH.
[personal profile] leupagus: I KNOW RIGHT????
[personal profile] merelyn: WHY DID THAT JUST HAPPEN?
[personal profile] leupagus : IT EXPLAINS SO MUCH.
[personal profile] merelyn: MAYBE I CAN CALL [personal profile] circa_eve TO FIND THIS PERSON AND PUNCH THEM IN THE FACE.

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Busy weekend, [personal profile] j_apollo visited me (yay) but now I have a lot to do at work today since I've got a grand jury duty summons tomorrow (all together now: BOOOOOOO). Also I'm tired and everyone else has Columbus Day off and there's a run in my stockings and my soul is basically like THIS.


The Little Vulcan by [personal profile] ayalesca (Gen: Spock with Kirk and McCoy, G)

Yes. It's the Trek/Little Prince fusion fic that seems so necessary and obvious in retrospect. [personal profile] ayalesca perfectly blends the two stories, and oh my heart you will absolutely love Spock in this story. I also adored how she did Bones. And if that wasn't enough, the story is accompanied by three completely goregous watercolor illustrations by [profile] mangotrills. I am going to go back and hug this charming and lovely fic to my chest as further protection against Mondays.
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With September coming to a close so is my month reccing Merlin fic over at the [community profile] crack_van. Some of these have been recced in my lj before, some haven't, but I thought I'd put all the links up here in one post for my own reference. All twelve are worth a read (or a re-read) by the way!

Crack Van Recs

Millions of Peaches by [profile] dsudis (Arthur/Merlin, PGish) recced here.

On Swefnum, Incuthra Eorthan by [personal profile] srin (Gwen/Morgana, PGish) recced here.

Amour Courtois by [personal profile] shetiger (Uther/Morgana, NC-17) recced here.

Three Castles by [personal profile] rageprufrock (Arthur/Merlin, PG-13) recced here.

Sometimes I Forget I'm Still Awake by [profile] paperclipbitch (Arthur/Gwen, PG) recced here.

Be Resigned by [profile] franticsga (Arthur/Merlin, NC-17) recced here.

Don't Be Sorry by [personal profile] sparky77 (OT4, PG) recced here.

In Time of Trial by [personal profile] shinetheway (Arthur/Merlin, NC-17) recced here.

Easy There by [personal profile] syllic (Arthur/Merlin, NC-17) recced here.

in omne tempus by [personal profile] giddygeek (Gwen/Morgana, R) recced here.

A Little Knowledge by [personal profile] bluflamingo (Morgana-centric, PG) recced here.

Beltane by [personal profile] astolat (Gen, PG) recced here.
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Lots of reccing this morning!

*I started my month driving the [community profile] crack_van for Merlin. My first rec is here if you want to take a peek. I kicked things off with [profile] dsudis's Millions of Peaches, which is worth a look (or another look if you've already read and enjoyed) for sure. :)

*ALSO [personal profile] leupagus posted ANOTHER CHAPTER OF THE VULCAN DETECTIVE FIC, which is still rich and compelling and awesome, even though the ending of this chapter will justifiably make you hate her for leaving it there.

*Lastly, [personal profile] twentysomething has posted the most amazing piece of ridiculous brilliance I have read in an AGE. It's a Merlin/Harry Potter fusion fic. And Merlin is like some unholy cross between Neville Longbottom and Bridget Jones. But it's awesome. I'm cackling to myself even as I'm writing this. Ahaha. GO NOW.

Merlin Emyrs and the Totally Gay Triwizard Tournament by [personal profile] twentysomething (Merlin/Arthur, other background pairings, PG-13ish)

He takes a moment to wonder how his life came to this pass, and he can pretty much nail it down to when he turned eleven years old and came downstairs to find Gaius having tea with his mother.

"You're a wizard, Merlin," Gaius had said.

Merlin thinks he was pretty much buggered from that point on, because all he had thought in that instant between "Well, that explains a lot," and his mother hugging him, was "I am going to get made fun of so much at wizard school."

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I am so bad at keeping up with vids. This is mostly due to the fact that I can’t watch anything at work and my internet at home was, for the very longest time, so crappy that I could barely stream or download anything that wasn’t through a torrent. It's much better now so I can watch whatever I want and lookit!

Exit Music (For A Witch) by [ profile] heyiya

I watched this three times this morning and it only gets more and more awesome. One of my favorite Merlin vids of all time at the moment. I don't want to spoil it, but it's half AU, half commentary, all awesome.

Basically this: Morgana. Nimueh. Magic. And a revolution. GO WATCH.
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This is probably pointless but [ profile] astolat wrote fic and it's grand and sweeping and brilliant and it hits practically every one of my buttons all at once and I also got a raise today so life FTMFW. Go read now and collapse in a puddle of happy goo like yours truly:

Onfindan by [ profile] astolat (Arthur/Merlin, ME/THIS STORY, R/NC-17)
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I feel like I'm spamming everyone lately, but it's been a while since I've done Merlin recs. (These two have been shamelessly stolen from [ profile] nicolasechs.)

So you know how Christmas and the holidays were last week? WRONG. It turns out they forgot something and had to turn the car around and they’ve decided to stay longer and go get smashed with New Year’s Eve tomorrow.

What I’m saying is this:

[ profile] astolat AND [ profile] merryish WROTE MERLIN FIC.

I am flailing so hard right now I almost put my own eye out a moment ago.

Beltane by [ profile] astolat (Merlin, Gen, PG)

This is such an awesome idea for Merlin's backstory, and very neatly told. Like most of [ profile] astolat's stories, it's something that OF COURSE must have happened, why didn't I think of that before?? This is my personal canon now, k? GO READ IT BEFORE I FLAIL YOU TO DEATH.

The Feast of Sticks by [ profile] merryish (Arthur/Merlin pre-slash, G)

I pretty much had a grin on my face from the first sentence on. [ profile] merryish just nails both of them and the dynamics of their relationship. The dialogue practically sparkles and Arthur is just awesome and so is Merlin and if I don't stop myself I'm going to gush on for pages.
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Still sorting through Yuletide (SO MANY OPEN TABS D:), but I wanted to take a moment to rec an awesome piece of GENIUS from [ profile] linabean.

For those in SGA fandom who have ever trolled through [ profile] sgastoryfinders- and everyone has had at least one WTF moment at that comm- this one's for you.

[ profile] linabean has put together a totally awesome poem (a poem!) pieced together from search posts there. It's weird, hilarious, and basically a giant love letter to that community and SGA fandom as a whole. Go read and praise her genius. NOW.

Found by [ profile] sgastoryfinders posters, arranged by [ profile] linabean

(Also, speaking of SGA related recs, if anyone hasn't read the SGA/Temeraire crossover fic of BRILLIANCE over at [ profile] sga_santa yet, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU WAITING FOR?)
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I have always loved [ profile] franticsga's SGA fic, and now's she's writing in Merlin! *happy dance*

Not in the Room by [ profile] franticsga (Arthur/Merlin, G)

Short but utterly adorable piece with a brilliant Arthur voice. As for the rest, I'll let the summary speak for itself: He was Prince Arthur of Camelot, not Prince Arthur, Despoiler of Shite Manservants. (He should also be Prince Arthur of a River in Egypt.) Go, read, and let's hope she writes more!

Hmm, now must go find my tap shoes for class after work...
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Hope everyone had a good American Thanksgiving if they celebrate it. I've been sleeping a lot and eating a lot of food. (The joy of having divorced parents means you get two ridiculous meals but you also have to listen to them bitch about splitting the cost of flying your sister home because what, they can't afford it? Oh wait, no, they're both just incredibly petty about money.)

ALSO, [ profile] lillianloop and [ profile] wordweaver06 are coming over today and [ profile] circa_eve and I are pimping them into Merlin!!

So far, since we don't have time to watch the whole series, we're thinking 1.01, 1.04, 1.07, and 1.10 in terms of the essentials. (And maaaybe 1.08 if we have time mostly because Morgana is awesome in it and everyone needs to share in my ridiculous crush on her.)

Any other recommendations? We'll possibly show them the DVD extras as well, because Meg and I need someone else in RL to understand why we're saying "Je suis LOSER" all the time now.

ALSO ALSO, more Merlin fic recs, most of which y'all have probably read already, BUT:

Anniversary by [ profile] thehoyden (Arthur/Merlin, PG)

Such a charming little story, and it perfectly captures Arthur's emotionally stunted way of expressing affection. Great Arthur voice all around.

August by [ profile] rageprufrock (Arthur/Merlin, NC-17)

More Pru fic, wherein Arthur and Merlin go back to Merlin's village for a visit. There's a lot of amazing things going on here. Pru writes a great Hunith, and those flashes of King Arthur and the Camelot to come that make me wibbly without fail. Also, naturally, she does a great job with the boys' relationship. Basically I wanted to curl up inside this fic and fall asleep. Definitely a must-read.

Lastly (but not least!), [ profile] moonythrestrals WROTE MORE FRATBOY!AU. Just as wonderful and delightfully cracked out as the first (WITH A SURPRISE PAIRING NEAR THE END THAT IS AWESOME). I am making dolphin noises here! Go read it!
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Again super busy this weekend, so I missed most of the Merlin 1.10 massive squee/flail-athon. (I have nothing to add but EEE.)

What was I doing? I saw Twilight on Friday, finally checked out the New Museum, saw some pretty decent one-act plays, and spent almost all day Sunday volunteering to set up/attending the GLAAD OutAuction. Fun times, though I'm pretty exhausted and the only thing that's keeping me going right now is the thought that it's a half week at work thanks to Thanksgiving.

ANYWAY, that said, have some (surprise) Merlin recs for your Monday morning!

Treason to Us by [ profile] janne_d (Arthur/Merlin, PG-13)

This is THE best take on Arthur finding out about Merlin's magic I've read yet. This story is also like a clean brutal kick to the chest, and I mean that in the best way possible. It's a brilliant Arthur POV, quite deftly restrained and all the more powerful for it. (Also, it's fairly close to how I see this playing out in the show. *wibble*) Highly recommended. If you haven't read this already, GO. NOW.

Then, after that, to make yourself feel better there's [ profile] ras_elased's Five Secrets Merlin Knows About Arthur (Arthur/Merlin, NC-17). Charming, delightful and very cute.

Both of these are from [ profile] merlin_flashfic, which clearly I need to start paying more attention to.
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Or, why yes I am reccing fairly incesty het porn. (WTF Self I thought this day would never come. :)

I know, I know- BUT. It's by [ profile] shetiger and it captures both Uther and Morgana wonderfully, as well as- best of all- the strange dynamics of their relationship. And it's pretty hot. If you're in anyway inclined to like Uther/Morgana (which hey, anyone who's watched the show has probably had at least one head-tilting moment of "Huh" with them, don't lie) I completely recommend it.

Amour Courtois by [ profile] shetiger (Uther/Morgana, R-NC-17ish)
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On the chance that some people on the flist are either a) wondering WTF is with this Merlin show I keep blathering on about, or b) already watching Merlin but haven't read this yet, I give you:

[ profile] mistful's REVIEW OF MERLIN SO FAR (Vague but hilarious spoilers through 1.08)

It's hysterical and cracky and so very, very spot on. For example:

MERLIN: So, Guinevere. Arthur or Lancelot?
GUINEVERE: Why on earth would I ever have to answer that question? Besides they’re not my type.
MERLIN: Oh Guinevere, you wouldn’t know your type if it was standing right next to you, blithering about other men, wearing a ridiculous neckerchief and being beakily and unconventionally good-looking!
GUINEVERE: Bet you one million dollars?

Anyway, go read! And thanks to [ profile] lillianloop for the pointer even though she SWEARS SHE'S NOT IN THE FANDOM. (Suuuuure.)
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Probably all of you have read this already, but she posted the second part last night, so it's finished now!

Three Castles- Part 1 and Part 2 by [ profile] rageprufrock (PG-13)

Pru has written Merlin fic! (Do I need to say anything else?) Hilarious and touching and cracky all at once, as all of Pru's best stuff is. Go read. Now! (YES THIS MEANS YOU, [ profile] lillianloop.)

Also, a vid rec!

Everything You Want by [ profile] anime_fangirl_3, (Merlin/Arthur)

I have an 90s, 90s, Oh the 90s love for this song anyway, but besides that, this is one of my favorite fanvids to come out of this fandom so far. The editing is excellent, but more importantly, I really like how the story here is not a saccharine or schmoopy. It's Merlin and Arthur still trying to figure out their Epic Gay DESTINY what they are to each other. Loved it.

(Also, [ profile] krazykipper, we still need to hash out things! If you want to email me, I'm at merelyn25 (@)
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Hi, new Merlin friends! *waves* Welcome, have a rec, pointed the way by [Bad username or site: @].

Guys. GUYS. [ profile] moonythestrals has written what is, to my knowledge, the first CRACK AU in Merlin fandom. This is so exciting. It's like when [ profile] rageprufrock's Hindsight came out in SGA, and it was the first major AU, like an oasis of crack in a desert of normal stories- and then three years later Girl Scout Cookie/Rainbow/Unicorn crack AUs were the norm. I have high hopes for Merlin as well.

FRATBOY!ARTHUR AU by [ profile] moonythestrals

As an English+Business double major/gay ex-sorority girl, I spent most of this story being YES. EXACTLY. (BECAUSE COLLEGE IS REALLY LIKE THIS, K?)

Also, I was on a bus last night and haven't seen Grey's yet. I'm sure I will have something to say about it later.
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Merlin just continues to be too adorable. And squishy. And pretty (*points to icon*). And slash-tastic. AND the crackfic has started coming.

And in that spirit, I rec you the funniest thing I've read in this fandom so far:

Fire Sign by [ profile] moonythestrals (Merlin/Arthur, R)

Merlin's powers start going a little awry (read: GAY). And the Dragon is of No Help Whatsoever. Hilarious, spot-on, and hot- plus it ends on a fairly adorable note. Just the thing to brighten up a Monday.

(Also, does this post count toward my [ profile] wrisomifu minutes? Pleeeeease? /requisite whining)
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Slow day at work, so y'all get treated to my blathering about TV. (Count yourselves lucky I will probaby never finish and post my in-depth 7 page essay on High School Musical.)

I’m going to get my cranky out of the way early and make a brief comment on SGA 5.13 )

ETA: On the other hand, THIS is awesome. *wishes she knew how to quit show, etc. etc.*

Went to a Mad Men Finale Viewing Party with the roommates last night, hosted by the ladies from Basket of Kisses. It was surprisingly fangirly. And Matthew Weiner came by at the end! For serious! Very cool.

Mad Men season finale spoilers. Also, I met Matthew Weiner OMG. )

Lastly, and a happier note, I finally bowed to the collective will of my flist and started watching Merlin. Loving it so far. The premise is intrinsically slashy, and everyone’s adorable and Anthony Head is it and there’s crappy CGI and clichés and ridiculous magic storylines of the week and it’s totally my fandom happy place right now. I really hope that more writers start coming over to play, because I feel that the universe lends itself beautifully to those of us fleeing coming over from a Fandom O’ Crack like SGA. (Note to self, must get icon.)

Also, Merlin fic recs!

There’s [ profile] janne_d’s And None But We Can Be Such Kings. This one is really adorable, with good oblivious!Merlin. I also really liked reveal moment near the end- pitch perfect.

One of my very favorites so far is [ profile] paperclipbitch’s Next Time, I Will Remember This And I Will Say 'No'. It actually has a good plot (one of that totally should be an episode). Even better, what could have been just an amusing set up for wacky hijinks and mistaken identities turns into a seriously interesting examination of power and the power dynamics between Merlin and Arthur in particular. It’s not saccharine or schmoopy and it does an excellent job of showing-not-telling (a problem with a lot of fic I’ve read in this fandom so far). Highly recommended!


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