May. 6th, 2011

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So [personal profile] twentysomething and I go pretty far back. (We are celebrating our six year friend-aversary this fall, so apparently that means you should send us candy and iron, okay! Okay.)

Anyway, I don't know how many of you guys know this, but I was in a sorority in college. My sorority was not exactly typical to the mental picture most people probably have in their heads. Yes, there were a lot of sundresses. And drama. And drinking. And boys, which was not exactly my bag. But my sorority also had a deep streak of nerdiness. For example, one of my sorority sisters and I co-founded our college's Harry Potter Club, which had sorting ceremonies and Quidditch games and at one point the highest active membership number of any extracurricular club on campus. (Booyah.)

Another example: my sorority twin (i.e. we were in the same sorority family) was the kind of girl who had every single season of all 5 incarnations of Star Trek on DVD. She was (and is) awesome.

And then she took a little.

Five guesses as to who her little was. That's right, [personal profile] twentysomething, aka Princess Kate, aka my terrible fannish soulmate and best bro forever.

But I didn't know it then. And at that point I'd never met anyone fannish IRL who I didn't know on the internet first. And I'm not going to say Kate read like a norm (if you've ever met her or heard her open her mouth you would be quickly disabused of that happy notion), but she wasn't going around with a sign that said I READ GAY PORN ON THE INTERNET IF YA KNOW WHAT I MEAN AND I THINK THAT YA DO either. And there was no secret fangirl handshake (AND WHY DOESN'T ONE EXIST AND NOT LIKE THIS OKAY SOMETHING SECRET), but occasionally there would be a few stray telling comments. And I would think,  " she?"

(Do you ever do that with people you meet IRL? You have your fangirl suspicions, but you don't know for sure! How do you ask them without seeming like at total weirdo if you're wrong? Why is their no fandom Ann Landers for these fraught situations? "You are of my people, aren't you?" you try to say with your eyes. But it comes off more like, "I have something in my eye or possibly I'm hitting on you. Heeeey.")

And so for a few months we circled each other, suspecting but not sure. But then, one night, we were driving somewhere with my twin//Kate's big, and I have no idea how we got on the subject of Pirates of Caribbean, but we did, and I think it was me, but I said something under my breath about "Sparrington." (Yeah, do you remember Jack/Norrington back in the day? Good times, y'all, good times.)

And it was one of those moments that happens a lot in sitcoms or farces, that dawning mutual realization moment, standing up and pointing dramatically:

Person 1:YOU!
Person 2:YOU!
Person 1, still stuck on it: NO, YOU!
(etc., repeat as necessary)

And the rest is terrible history. I did ultimately end up quitting my sorority, but I will never regret joining, and a big reason why is because I met Kate. &Kate;

So why am I telling you this story, you might be wondering? Right, this is my really long way of saying that [personal profile] twentysomething is awesome and wrote a girl!Brendon/girl!Spencer sorority AU and IT IS THE FIC OF MY HEART FOR SO MANY REASONS and except for the part where none of it is true, it really really is true, and if you're into that sort of thing YOU SHOULD GO READ IT RIGHT NOW.


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