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So the last time I posted was, um, almost a month ago? Uh. Hey. ::sheepish wave::

*Right after that, my trusty netbook died. My mom got me a new one for Christmas (this one, if anyone's interested) which was cool of her since I couldn't really afford it on my own at the moment. That said, it was something like three weeks with no home access to the internet except for my iPhone, just in time for the penultimate Merlin episode. But I survived! It's possible! I read books and shit! Though I know I missed a crapton of flist goings on, so sorry. (Point me toward the notable/good stuff?)

*I have finally seen Merlin, and Sherlock Holmes, I've read some Yuletide, and I even caught the Doctor Who finale yesterday while clutching [personal profile] mklutz's virtual hand. It seems a little silly at this point to comment on anything, as everyone else has already said pretty much everything ages ago. Okay, but seriously, Doctor Who. Hmm, not so much with squee. )

*Also [personal profile] rageprufrock and [personal profile] thehoyden made me watch (okay, I went willingly) Die Hard 4 over New Years. This resulted in me spending most of this weekend indoors (it was freezing, okay?) reading John/Matt fic. This is what happens when everything is on hiatus.

*Lots of people seem to have done 2009 Year in Review stuff, which is cool. I have whipped up my own version:

Fandom lines I used to have but misplaced somewhere in 2009, the shame shame shame edition. )

Lesson learned: lines are silly, and meant to be crossed. I am on track for 2010 to have no lines/standards whatsoever. By this time next year I fully expect to be doing nothing but injecting MPREG and sweeping Civil War AUs (and sweeping MPREG Civil War AUs) between my toes like someone from Trainspotting.

*So. How are you guys?
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From David Hewlett’s twitter:

dhewlett: Shooting the last scene, of the last episode, of Stargate Atlantis...2 more days of filming but this is it...thanks so much everyone!


However, I dunno, I must say that but for the Shrine, Season 5 hasn’t quite grabbed me yet, so I’m getting a little less sad that this will be the end.

Also, even more unpopular fannish opinion about Stargate Universe under the cut )

In other news, once my bonus comes in from work on Thursday, I’ll be getting a new laptop! Finally! Guess who managed to go over a month without a laptop? ME. Who believed I could do that without going crazy? NOT ME, actually. *surprised at self* At any rate, this might mean I post more often (haha, probably not).

Right now, I’m planning on this one. It’s lightweight, only $400, runs XP instead of Vista, and since I’ll really only be using it to a) surf the internet and b) download TV shows/movies it should serve nicely for what I can afford right now. Even though there are some complaints that the keyboard and touchpad are tiny, it’s sure as hell a step up from using my iPod touch to go online, which is what I've been doing to get by.

That said, if anyone has any other recommendations, please let me know!
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So. Q & A Time:

Guess who kicked a glass of water off her nightstand the night before last while sleeping? (Me.)

And guess what was on the floor by that nightstand? (My laptop!)

And guess what piece of technology is totally dead and SOL? (You can add this one up yourself.)

Yeah, just in time for the [ profile] sgabigbang to go live. I’m actually not that upset, strangely, though I’m not looking forward to the hit my savings is going to take to buy a new one (Mac? Dell?).

Part of me is interested to see if I can go without. Spend more time at home reading more books or something. (Ha, who am I kidding, if I didn’t have an iPod touch with wifi I’d be crying right now.)
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Hi! I haven't been around much lately, as my hard drive crashed two weeks ago, and between one thing and Dell Technical Support Sucking Away My Will To Live another, it didn't get fixed until Wednesday, and then there was Thanksgiving. Due to awkward cubicle/computer placement, going on LJ at work was awkward and stressed me out ("Footsteps!!! Close the porn window!! Abort Abort ABORT!!!") more than anything else. On the plus side, I read a lot more books than usual.

I finally got a new hard drive over the holiday, but I did lose all my files, saved fics, vids, pieces of WIPs that were never likely to see the light of day anyway, etc. I've been building an offline fandom library for YEARS, so that's been a been a bit of a wrench, but you know, I'm feeling rather philosophical about it, most of it I can get back, and what I don't remember to track down probably wasn't worth saving just in case I get trapped some where without internet access and only my laptop for entertainment. Also, thank you, And Google Docs. And that software that lets you rip music from your ipod to your computer.

Anyway, just wanted to say hi, and I know I update sporadically even with a working computer, but I'm not dead, and I missed you all and my icon is telling the truth for the first time in weeks and I'm very excited about new SGA this Friday and Thanksgiving was nice and yay.


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