May. 3rd, 2010 03:55 pm
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+ Once again, apologies for not being around much, I am trying to do better and comment more, but I'm in like a quiet rut or something.

+ But in more exciting news, [profile] reel_merlin Round 3 is coming underway! We've already started getting some draft submissions, very exciting!

+ [profile] miripanda linked me this hilarious Pinto post on [community profile] ohnotheydidnt today, which was evidently picked up on Jezebel. Her only comment was, BTW Jezebel thinks you and your people are hilarious. (Your people i.e. those who want Zachary Quinto and Chris Pine to be gay together.)

It's like she knows me or has read my journal or that Home Depot fic or something. Weird.

+ Other things I've been up to include being able to claim a tiny bit of responsibility for some of [personal profile] twentysomething's latest Dean/Cas and Sam/Gabriel and Supernatural Apocalypse-of-Awesome and Deanna/Cas fics. Because I am an enabler, it's what I do, and [personal profile] twentysomething is like Pez Dispenser of hilarious and adorable SPN fic. You should all go read them if you're into SPN.

+ Lastly, as a gift (punishment?) to make up for my doubtlessly wrenching absence, have a fic snippet that is all [personal profile] leupagus's fault, because she's writing a Trek AU where they're all heisting criminal masterminds and she all but dared me to write a Trek/Ocean's 11 AU:

"That ought to do it, don't you think?" Jim muses, flipping a credit token from one finger to the next without looking.

Bones is too busy twisting the lid off a handle of bourbon to reply; this is such a shitty idea.

"You think we need one more?" Jim has moved on from slight of hand to flicking the token in the air and catching it. It's irritating as fuck.

Bones ignores him, pours himself a tall, tall glass. He's going to need it. Bones is already calculating contingency plans in his head, hating himself for it. That's always been his job, between the two of them- Jim has the crazy brilliant master criminal plans, Bones has to figure out how to keep everyone from getting fucking arrested.

"You think we need we need one more," Jim agrees with himself, nodding, slipping the token back wherever it came from.

Bones throws back a swallow with a grimace of silent judgment. Also in Bones' job description? Keeping Jim from acting like a damn fool when it comes to a certain ex who just happens- he knows, though Jim hasn't admitted it yet, Bones isn't an idiot- to be involved with a certain owner of the casino ship they're going to rip off.

But maybe Jim is right this time, the money's too good.

"Alright, we'll get one more." Jim slaps Bones on the shoulder, conversation over.

Bones sighs.


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