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If you're starting to feel like all my LJ posts lately are just about fangirl meetups, don't worry, you're not wrong.

This is totally last minute, but since [personal profile] ras_elased is in New York City this weekend there's going to be fangirl shenanigans at my place this Saturday night! Plans for the evening include watching something terrible! Or nerdy! Or gay! Or something terrible and nerdy and gay! (What exists at the magical center of that Venn Diagram? I'll tell you. It's called Dante's Cove.)

AND IF THAT WASN'T ENOUGH, I promised [personal profile] puckling a pie/dessert ages ago, and she's finally collecting. Which means I'm making this:

Why yes that is triple layer cappuccino fudge cheesecake. Why yes it does have a pound of chocolate in it. Why yes you do need to come over and have some so I don't end up with half a leftover cheesecake on Sunday morning that I will then proceed to eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner, afternoon tea and elevensies while avoiding laundry and watching terrible movies on TBS all day in my pajamas.

Things start around 8. Anyone's welcome, so if you're in the NYC area come on by. Just let me know if you're in and I'll PM you my address/contact info.

ETA: I should mention, in regards to the watching stuff, if you have anything fannish that you've been wanting to make other fangirls watch- that one show, or that movie that everyone else thinks sucks but no really it's awesome and they're SO IN LOVE YOU GUYS, bring it with you. We'll probably draw straws or something and see what happens.


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