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While [personal profile] twentysomething  and I were hunkering down for Hurricane Irene (which, very anticlimactic where we were, thank goodness), we were sucked into [personal profile] mklutz and [personal profile] rageprufrock 's fandom podcast, slash report. If you haven't listened to it before it's worth checking out. Here's the info for  this week's, stolen from Pru:

This week on /report, we talk about desert island fanfiction, people who would make good Sentinels (ugh), and then trick [personal profile] merelyn and bonus [personal profile] twentysomething into hanging out with us during their hurricane party to discuss fandom diaspora-stroke-fragmentation. We play our inaugural round of Fannish Safari, make a lot of Mean Girls references, and give you our recs for the week!

To the podcast!

Stream online or listen by download by striking alt or ctrl and clicking. For links to things we've mentioned in this week's podcast and rec links, check out our
twitter account.

Happy listening!

For those bandom peeps on my dwcircle/flist, you might be the most interested in the part where I try valiantly to relate an entire history of bandom in under two minutes. IT'S REALLY HARD Y'ALL. IT'S NOT LIKE A TV SHOW WITH A CONCISE CENTRAL PREMISE OKAY.

For everyone else, you might be interested in the parts where [personal profile] twentysomething explains her amnesty rules, and then we talk about dinosaurs fucking. 

...yeah. Don't say I didn't warn you. 


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